This weekend I am away for a weekend of lectures and learning at the Annual Seminar of Foot Health Practitioners which is put together and run by the amazing Janet and her equally amazing team from the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners, as part of my continuning professional development.

I go to this event every year as it is an opportunity not just for learning, which I can attest from having attended for the previous 9 years is one of the best learning opportunities in our profession, but it is also a place to catch up with other practitioners and to swap experiences and ideas.

Contact with other practitioners is, I feel, essential to helping to keep good practice within my own work as it allows me to see things from other people’s perspective and to learn different things from them, as well as from the formal lectures.

Comparing experiences from other longer standing practitioners can impart so much knowledge and I hope that I can help others in the process!

It is also an opportunity to meet equipment wholesalers and to maybe get a few deals on some new equipment I need to purchase and also to see any new innovations that I may not yet be aware of!

All in all I hope to come back home on Sunday full of new information and maybe some new equipment, predominately a new, lighter, bag so that I keep my back (and my Chiropractor) happy as the one that I am currently using is causing me some back problems!

All of this will equip me to better serve my clients and to continue to provide the highest quality of service that I can.

Also, I should have a very happy cat to come home to as my partner will be looking after her and no doubt she will get a treat or two extra whilst I am away!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Belinda x